Amnesty International Urges Human Rights Council to Ensure Accountability in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories

25-02-2016 14:26

Source: hrbrief.org


Amnesty International submitted a statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council, insisting that the Council request the UN Secretary General to submit the UN Commission of Inquiry’s report to the Security Council, and formally submit a report to the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor.


Amnesty’s own investigators have noted that the systematic violations by parties on all sides of the conflict include Israel’s expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank, the displacement of Palestinians, unlawful killings, and the indiscriminate attacks by Palestinian armed groups into Israel all indicate violations of international humanitarian law.


Click here to read the statement: http://hrbrief.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MDE1510442015ENGLISH.pdf

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