20,000 Palestinian homes received demolition orders in occupied Jerusalem

22-02-2016 14:36

Source: MEMO


Israeli authorities have issued more than 20,000 demolition orders since the start of the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem, Quds Net reported yesterday.


Director of the Jerusalem Centre for Social and Economic Rights, Ziad Al-Hammouri, said: “The Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes is an old occupation policy, but the new thing is mainly targeting the homes of Palestinian martyrs.”


Al-Hammouri said the Israeli occupation demolishes between 120 and 130 Palestinian homes every year, adding that there is an Israeli plan of collective demolition under the pretext of “demolishing everything illegal”.


The official said he held the international community responsible as there are international resolutions that protect the Palestinians but the Israeli occupation does not respect them, and is not held accountable.


“The Palestinians are defenceless in the face of the Israeli demolition as they are handcuffed by the Oslo Agreement,” he said, “Therefore, the international community has to take the lead and immediately stop the Israeli violations.”


“Anyone can observe the changes on the ground,” he said, “which aim to make Jerusalem a capital for the Jewish community.”

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