Israel boycott ban: UK local authorities that imposed unofficial sanctions against 'unethical companies'

17-02-2016 00:17

Source: independent.co.uk


The UK Government has been criticed over plans to ban publicly-funded institutions such as councils and university student unions from boycotting the products and services of "unethical companies".


This move comes in response to various local authorities boycotting the services of companies who operate in "illegal" Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.


The ban will be formally announced by Cabinet minister Matt Hancock on a visit to Israel this week.


The only exemption from the ban will be UK-wide boycotts as decided by the government in Westminster.


Here are four examples of local authorities which have launched such boycotts:


1. Leicester City Council, 2014


In November 2014 ,the city council voted for a motion boycotting the use of all goods produced in Israeli West Bank settlements.


Campaign group Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW), responded by taking legal action to end this move, calling it a "boycott of Jews".


Last month, JHRW warned the council the boycott could leave the city with a £200,000 legal bill, according to the Leicester Mercury.


Explaining the boycott, the council stated: "The motion has never been a boycott of Israel by Leicester and is not an attack on the Jewish people.


"It relates specifically to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank."


2. Birmingham City Council, 2014


In April 2014, Birmingham city council threatened to not renew a contract with French multinational company, Veolia, due to its operations in the West Bank.


Veolia, which runs the city's incinerator and refuse tip, caused international controversy fur running a tram line and other public services in "illegal" Israeli settlements.


In April 2015 - Veolia announced it was closing its operations in Israel.

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