Forgotten Minds: From Palestine to Syria; The War on Mental Health

12-02-2016 13:33

Source: QMUL Palestine Solidarity Society


“The World Health Organization [4th May 2015] estimates that more than 350,000 Syrians are currently suffering from severe mental disorders while another 2 million or more are suffering from mild to moderate mental problems including anxiety disorders and depression."

“[According to IMEMC (July 2015)] More than 50% of children in Gaza show symptoms of PTSD and 70% have regular nightmares.”

Being one of the most underreported problems occurring for both Palestinians and Syrians, it is imperative we begin to think about the repercussions of the war and occupation on the children and understand the imminent threat of losing countless future generations to the lasting marks of mental trauma, which is further exacerbated by the lack of psychological aid. 

Join Queen Mary's Palestine Solidarity Society, Syria Solidarity Society and the Mental Health Awareness Society as we discuss the psychological impact of the war and occupation and the long-term impact this has on their welfare.

Speakers (more details will be posted on the event page):
Dr. Ahmed Hankir, MBChB, The University of Manchester
Sümeyye Akkoyun, MSc in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology

From the Palestine Trauma Centre-
Mohamed Altawil, Founder and President
David Harrold, Chair of Board of Trustees

***Free refreshments will be available***

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