Members of the European Parliament urge President Schulz to clarify his position on labelling settlement products

10-02-2016 13:56

Source: ECCP


Dozens of MEPs sent an open letter to Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, expressing their disbelief following his comments in the Israeli press opposing the EU guidelines on labelling settlement products adopted on 11 November 2015.


The letter, promoted by MEP Alyn Smith is calling on Martin Schulz to clarify “such unexpected and distressing statements”


“As you are well aware, the European Parliament has unequivocally expressed its support for the Labelling Guidelines, including in its latest resolution on the Middle East Peace Process, which was co-signed by all political groups last September ” – the letter reads.


“Notwithstanding the fact that you should represent the Parliament’s position, we do not understand your newly declared opinion based on your belief that the settlements are an economic benefit to Palestinians. We remind you that all Palestinian trade unions have welcomed the EU guidelines, as well as 550 leading Israeli figures6 including Israel’s Nobel Prize in economics, Daniel Kahneman. Israel’s occupation is estimated to cost the Palestinians 85% of their GDP7, monopolising the bulk of Palestine’s land and water resources – the very point which you have had the courage to raise in front of the Knesset in February 2015, asking « why an Israeli can use 70 cubic litres of water daily and a Palestinian only 17″. We are well aware that the settlement enterprise is largely responsible for the high unemployment of Palestinians and for severely undermining Palestine’s economic base.” – the MEPs say.


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