Stand in Solidarity with Omar Nayef Zayed, Former Palestinian Prisoner Targeted for Extradition

06-02-2016 11:19

Source: palestinechronicle.com


The campaign in solidarity with Omar Nayef Zayed issued an urgent call to intensify events, protests and activities of solidarity with the former Palestinian prisoner in the coming days, including protests at Bulgarian embassies and consulates and European Union offices, in order to defend his safety and freedom.


Omar Nayef Zayed, who escaped Israeli occupation imprisonment in 1990 after a 40-day hunger strike, has lived in Bulgaria for the past 22 years. He is being sought for extradition by the occupation authorities, who have asked Bulgaria to turn Zayed over. We must escalate our protests now to demand Bulgaria reject the Israeli occupation’s attempt to use Bulgarian and European forces to further oppress a Palestinian political prisoner.

The coming days and weeks are crucial for the case of Omar Nayef Zayed, and it is critical to continue popular campaigns, demonstrations and marches inside and outside Palestine, petitioning, statements and articles and social media campaigns in support of this former Palestinian prisoner.


Protesting outside Bulgarian consulates and embassies is particularly important, to demand that Bulgaria reject the extradition of Omar Nayef Zayed to the Israeli occupation and instead protect him, a Bulgarian resident and husband and father to Bulgarian citizens.

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