Jerusalem a red line, Jordan tells visiting British parliamentarians

02-02-2016 14:02


Jordan’s Minister of Awqaf Dr. Salameh Al-Neimat said on Sunday that the Jordanian leadership considers Jerusalem a red line and will not accept bargains on its status, identity or its Arab or Muslim residents.


The minister’s remarks were made during his meeting with a delegation of British parliamentarians who are visiting Jordan.


The EuroPal Forum which organised the visit said in a statement on Monday that Neimat briefed the delegation on the Jordanian efforts to protect holy sites, especially its ongoing efforts regarding Al-Aqsa Mosque.


The delegation met Sunday with Parliament Speaker Atef Tarawneh and MP Yahya Saud, who is the chairman of the Palestine Committee.


The delegation was briefed on Jordan’s concerns regarding Israeli violations against the Palestinian people and Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.


The delegation also met with the heads of Palestinian refugee camp committees.


According to the statement, the refugees are demanding an apology from London as they hold the British government responsible for Palestinian suffering.


EuroPal Forum chairman Zaher Berawi said in a statement that the visit comes as part of the Forum’s plan to develop relationships with European societies and decision making circles to pressure them and the European Union to take more balanced positions towards the Palestinian cause.

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