EU Parliamentary delegation to Jordan 2016

28-01-2016 07:57


Between the 23rd and 27th January, EuroPal Forum coordinated a delegation visit to Jordan, attended by British and Irish MPs and high profile individuals. The visit to Jordan comes in light of the increase of Israeli violations in Jerusalem and the West Bank that have resulted in the deaths of more than 130 Palestinians and thousands injured. The delegation aimed to highlight on the current situation in Jerusalem and Jordan’s’ role contributing to achieving peace in the region. 


The Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament hosted the delegation visit. Delegation members attended a number of meetings with officials in the Jordanian government in addition to meeting with His Majesty Abdullah || King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The delegation also met with heads of Palestinian camp committees and the Palestinian National Council in Amman. 


The delegation was briefed on Jordan’s concerns regarding violations against the Palestinian people and Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. In the meeting with the King at Al Husseina Palace on Monday, he highlighted the role of concerned international parties, mainly Britain, to achieve progress that leads to a just and comprehensive peace in the region. 


Parliamentary Delegation to Jordan

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