PA calls for probe into Israel’s extrajudicial killings

18-01-2016 15:24

Source: MEMO


The Palestinian Authority has called for an international inquiry into the Israeli army’s extrajudicial killing of Palestinians. In a statement on Thursday, the PA condemned Israel’s killing of a Palestinian youth in the east of Hebron in the occupied West Bank earlier in the day.


“The world should adopt a courageous position similar to Sweden in demanding an international inquiry into the Israeli occupation forces’ extrajudicial killing of the Palestinians,” urged the Ramallah-based authority.


The PA also condemned Israel’s escalation of the campaign to arrest Palestinians in the West Bank. It added that it holds Israel fully responsible for the lives of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in its prisons, especially journalist Mohamed Al-Qaiq, whose health has deteriorated severely. The authority renewed its demand for the international community to intervene immediately to save the Palestinian prisoners and compel Israel to release them unconditionally.


Turning to Jewish settlers’ incursions of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, the PA insisted that such moves are “further evidence of the settlers' attempts to inflame the situation and drag the region into a religious war.”

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