Israel Detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank; 6,830 Detained in 2015

29-12-2015 15:13

Source: WAFA


Israeli army on Monday detained at least 12 Palestinians and summoned eight others, during predawn and night raids across the West Bank districts, according to local and security sources.


In Hebron district, Israeli troops broke into the town of Yatta and detained a local Palestinian, identified as Iyad Omour, 35, after raiding, searching, and sabotaging with the contents of his home.


Army also handed notices to three Palestinian brothers in the town to appear for interrogation. They were identified as Ra’ed, Monjed, and Khaled Abu E’ram.


Another Palestinian identified as Shadi Halayqa was also detained by Israeli troops in Hebron.


Meanwhile, Israeli forces detained three Palestinians from Nablus district. They were identified as Abdul-Halim Sayeh, Adel Fakhouri, and Ahmad Sarwan.


In Ramallah district, army forces broke into the village of Budrus, where they detained Ahmad Awad, 36, Mohammad Hassan Awad, 31, and Islam Awad, 19.


Forces further broke into Qalandia refugee camp, to the north of Jerusalem, and detained three local Palestinians, identified as Tha’er Mansour, Mo’tasim Badryeh, and Mohammad Subuh.


Meanwhile, Israeli army stormed the city of Jenin, in northern West Bank, and detained a Palestinian after raiding and searching his family’s house. He was identified as Nour-Adin Shalabi, 20.


In the meantime, army broke into the city of Bethlehem, in southern West Bank, and the nearby village of Marah Rabah, where they notified five Palestinians to appear before the Israeli intelligence for interrogation, after raiding and searching their homes.


The five were identified as Yaser al-Shaikh, 23, Imad al-Shaikh, 18, Hamzeh al-Shaikh, 19, Murad Salhab, 41, and Ali Salahat, 28.


In the meantime, the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA) said 6,830 Palestinians were detained by Israeli troops in the occupied Palestinian Territory since the beginning of the year 2015, marking the highest rate of daily arrests in five years. It said 3285 Palestinians were detained in the past three months alone; since the beginning of violent unrest in early October.


It said those include 2,179 minors between the ages of 11 and 18, which indicates a rise by 72,1% compared to the previous year.


At least 225 women were also detained during 2015, which is 100% higher than the previous year.


It said almost 100% of these detainees underwent a form of physical or psychological abuse, in blatant violation of international law and human rights.


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