2400 Palestinians arrested since October

20-12-2015 22:14

Source: Alternative News


The Israeli government has embarked upon a sweeping campaign of mass arrests, without differentiating between children and adults, men or women.


The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainee’ Affairs found that 2400 Palestinians have been arrested since October.


800 of the 2400 arrested Palestinians were Jerusalemites.


While Israeli forces typically arrest 700-900 children annually, since October Israeli forces arrested 1200 Palestinian children – constituting half of total arrests.


400 of the 1200 arrested Palestinian children were Jerusalemites.


20 male and female detainees were arrested after being shot by Israeli forces.


The rate of administrative detention also increased: 520 new Palestinian detainees are being held under administrative detention orders.


As of last week, in total around 7000 detainees remain in Israeli detention facilities, including 430 minors and 40 female detainees.


These many violations illustrate the way that Israel perpetually violates the rights of detainees and acts as a state that is above international law.






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