Israel’s diplomatic clash with Sweden exposes the former’s political intolerance

09-12-2015 13:50


Following Israel’s international political behaviour, one can easily trace a long history of political intolerance to criticism over continuous violation of human rights and oppressive policies towards Palestinians in occupied territories. Israel has intentionally and regularly broken international law such as the illegal settlements and war crimes against humanity to name only a few.


In each case, Israel has depended on the US ultimate political and military support as well as raising Holocaust sentiments to get away with its daily oppression of Palestinians. Unfortunately for Israel, not each member of the international community chose to remain silent or ignore what is happening in the region.


Israel’s diplomatic dispute with Sweden over its FM’s criticism of the ‘extrajudicial executions’ of Palestinians last Friday shows the occupation’s intolerance of being held accountable for its crimes against Palestinians. This has put Sweden a target for Israel’s vicious media and diplomatic attacks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had condemned Wallstroem's “scandalous statements” on Israel's killing over 105 Palestinians since October.


In response, an official statement by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven and foreign minister Margot Wallstroem, published Sunday, condemned “that statements on the situation in the Middle East by representatives of the Swedish Government are misunderstood and blown out of reasonable proportion”.


Many observers relate the tension between the two countries to Sweden’s recognition of Palestine in October 2014 as an interpretation of its support for Palestinian human rights including self-determination. However evidence shows that there have been earlier tensions that took place in 2009 while the centre-right was in power. 


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