14 Palestinian workers lost in Gaza tunnel drowned by Egypt

08-12-2015 15:28

Source: PNN


Seven Palestinian workers Tuesday morning were rescued and 14 others announced “lost” in a tunnel east of Rafah city on the Gaza-Egyptian borders, that was drowned by the Egyptian Army with seawater.


According to the Civil Defense Forces in Gaza, the tunnel collapsed due to Egypt pumping seawater into it.


The total of 21 workers were lost in the tunnel. Seven of them were rescued, while the process is still going to find the 14 others.


On Monday alone, Egypt destroyed 20 newly founded tunnels, saying that it needs to defend itself and its borders from “terrorist attacks” in the Sinai desert, which caused the death of dozens of Egyptian soldiers.


The Egyptian Authorities control the only non-Israeli crossing to Gaza, that has been closed since last year’s Israeli attack, and opened for miscallaneous days only.


After 100 days of closure, Egypt opened the crossing point for two days on Friday and Saturday, for thousands of people who are stuck inside the Israeli blockaded Gaza or on the Egyptian side.

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