Israel’s reaction to EU labelling is not unconnected

02-12-2015 17:53


Soon after the EU adopted guidelines for labelling products made in Israeli settlements on 11 November, Israel furiously rejected this symbolic move claiming that such procedure is ‘discriminatory and damaging for the peace process with the Palestinians’. However, Palestinians saw this step essential to maintaining Palestinian dignity and holding Israel accountable for continuously violating international law.


Despite international recognition of the illegitimacy of the post-1967 Israeli occupation of the areas that are not part of the internationally acknowledged Israeli borders, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights; Israel bluntly refuses to abide by the same law that gave it legitimacy to exist.


Israel finds such occasions as a perfect opportunity to play the game it is best at; waving the flag of anti-Semitism and discrimination. It was introduced with the perfect excuse to halt peace efforts and continue its brutal violations of human rights against Palestinians in the occupied territories.


However, many European countries are starting to realise that such reactions are not irrelevant to Israel’s deliberate emotional and political blackmailing of Europe to continue violating all human rights laws known to human history. It is expected that European Union will continue its efforts to stand up for their human values and international justice principles despite Israel’s unjustified rejection to abide by international law.  

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