Sinn Féin: We fully support Palestinian National Rights including Self-determination and Statehood

02-12-2015 17:40


Pat Sheehan MLA, Head of Sinn Féin Middle East Desk, restated his party’s support for Palestine's National Rights including Self-determination, and Sinn Féin's commitment to promoting recognition of the Palestinian state during his meeting with Zaher Birawi – The EuroPal Forum chairman on 25th of November.


They discussed a number of contemporary Palestine-related issues such as the current situation in Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank and breaking the siege in Gaza. Pat reflected on his party’s historic relationship with Palestine and all their representatives.


In this context, Pat emphasised that Palestinian internal divisions appear to be, ‘holding the Palestinian cause back’, and that Palestinian unity is fundamental to achieving liberation and creating a Palestinian State.


Birawi suggested that Sinn Fein's experience in their struggle, peace-making and reconciliation qualifies them to play a very important role to maintain unity and reconciliation between Palestinians.


Sheehan added that the upcoming 2016 elections, in both parts of Ireland, create an opportunity to further highlight the Palestinian issues of Statehood and human right violations against the Palestinian people.


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