Palestine Burns While Parisians Mourn. Israel is Guilty of Premeditated State-sponsored Terrorism

15-11-2015 20:57

Source: Global Research


Israel murders, brutalizes, mass imprisons and tortures Palestinians daily – ignored by Western and Israeli media, blaming victims for state-sponsored high crimes.


Parisians justifiably mourn their dead. Worldwide sympathy supports their family members and an aggrieved nation.


Palestinians suffer isolated on their own. The world community ignores their horrific ordeal. Jewish rights alone matter.


Since October 1, Israel killed 86 Palestinians, the vast majority extrajudicially executed in cold blood. Clear evidence exposed the myth of knife-wielding terrorists. Over 8,000 Palestinians were injured, scores arrested daily, children treated as brutally as adults, women the same as men.


Israel is guilty of premeditated state-sponsored terrorism. Soldiers and police use live fire against defenseless people, wanting long denied freedom, resisting largely with their bare hands against one of the world’s most ruthless regimes, generously supported by Washington, both nations partnering in each other’s high crimes.


Multiple independent daily reports indict Israel for state-sponsored terrorism. Unaccountability denies Palestinians justice they deserve.


The world community stands in solidarity with Parisians, mourning for their loss – at the same time, letting Israel continue murdering and brutalizing Palestinians with impunity. Longstanding torment of millions of defenceless people goes largely ignored.


Palestinian suffering is longstanding – since losing 78% of their nation in 1948, the rest in June 1967, suffering horrifically under Israel’s repressive boot, obligated the way Jefferson explained to resist for freedom.


Parisians deserve world support in the aftermath of Friday attacks. Palestinians deserve it far more after nearly 70 years of tyrannical Israeli oppression.





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