Why is the British Government preventing Palestinian experts attending a conference?

13-11-2015 16:51

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Dear friend, 

The UK Government is facing fierce condemnation from campaigners for refusing permission for Palestinian medical experts to attend an academic conference. 

Five Palestinian medical experts had their visas refused by the British Authorities

Anecdotally it appears that an increasing number of Palestinians are having their visas to the UK refused by the British Government.

Write to your MP and ask them to protest against this decision and to call for a review of our visa arrangements with Israel and Palestine 

One of those denied entry was a psychologist from Bethlehem. An Israeli from the illegal settlement of Har Homa - about half a mile from Bethlehem - would have been able to enter the UK freely without even applying for a British visa. 

It is not as easy for UK citizens to visit Israel as it for Israeli settlers to visit the UK. The UK Government is failing to publicly protest against British citizens being prevented from entering Israel and the Palestinian territories. And the Israeli Parliament is threatening to pass a law banning supporters of boycott  from travelling to Israel or - in effect - the occupied territories

Write to your MP today and ask them to protest against: 

  • Palestinians being prevented from travelling to the UK, with reference to these medical experts prevented from attending this academic conference 
  • Israeli settlers being given free rein to travel to the UK 
  • The growing threat of UK citizens being denied entry to the occupied Palestinian territories to see the situation for themselves 

Please write to your MP today and ask for your MP to protest. 



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