Labour members pass motion challenging Starmer over appointment of Israeli ‘cyber-spy’ to LOTO

02-03-2021 19:10



Labour members in the London constituency of Ealing and Acton on Thursday evening passed a motion challenging Keir Starmer over his decision to appoint a former member of Israel’s top cyber-espionage unit to a position in his ‘LOTO’ office.


Starmer appointed Assaf Kaplan to head up Labour’s ‘Social Listening’ – a term for organisations monitoring online conversations about them, or any other topic of interest – last month. Before it was amended, Kaplan’s Linkedin page stated that he has experience using a “digital monitoring platform” as well as “human analysis” to keep tabs on voters in Israeli elections, according to Electronic Intifada‘s exclusive revealing the appointment.


Ealing and Acton CLP’s motion, which passed comfortably, reads:


Members and officers of the CLP are now waiting to see whether the party, which has been waging war on members’ free speech for months, will launch disciplinary action against them.

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