Israel army floods over 500 dunums of agricultural land in Gaza

19-02-2021 22:29

The Palestinian Information Center


The Israeli occupation army on Thursday morning released collected rainwater from dams towards the east of al-Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza City and swamped vast tracts of agricultural land.


The Palestinian agriculture ministry estimated that over 500 dunums of agricultural land were flooded by rainwater after the Israeli army opened the floodgates of dams.


The ministry said that many Gazan farmers incurred great losses after their lands were swamped by water.


About a month ago, Israel’s opening of dams’ gates caused $500,000 worth of damage to agricultural areas in Gaza.


Large swaths of cultivated land in eastern Jabalia and Beit Hanoun were damaged while poultry and bees in beehives perished due to flooding, the agriculture ministry said at the time.


Israel, which has built many dams around Gaza, periodically opens their gates, leading to the flooding of homes, streets and agricultural land.



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