Israel bill seeks to make foreign-funded NGOs wear tags

03-11-2015 13:01

Source: Aljazeera


Human rights groups and non-governmental organisations in Israel have blasted a new bill that imposes several requirements and restrictions on Israeli NGOs that receive international funding.  


Proposed on Sunday by Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the 'Transparency Bill' will mandate NGOs who receive half or more of their funding from abroad to print labels on all of their official documents detailing which "foreign entities" finance them. 


It will also require NGOs to wear tags noting their organisation's name and the involvement of foreign countries in their activities while attending Knesset sessions.

The legislation is the latest version in a series of proposed bills in recent years designed to impose severe restrictions on how NGOs can operate in the country.

Violating the law will result in a fine of 29,990 Israeli shekels ($7,752). 


Speaking in the Knesset on Sunday, Shaked said the bill will stop "the blatant intervention of foreign countries in the state of Israel's affairs". 


The justice minister cited the testimonies of human rights groups - including B'Tselem and the Adalah Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights - to the UN investigation that concluded Israeli forces had possibly committed war crimes during the 51-day war in the Gaza Strip last year. 



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