Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians; summon three from West Bank

02-11-2015 19:20

Source: WAFA


sraeli forces detained Monday 13 Palestinians, including four minors, and summoned three others from various West Bank districts, said security sources and local anti-settlement activist.


Israeli forces detained six Palestinians from Hebron district, five others from Nablus city and another from Bethlehem district.


Local anti-settlement Muhammad ‘Awad told WAFA that Israeli forces raided Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, where they broke into and ransacked several houses in Abu Hashim, Bahar and Khallit al-‘Ein neighborhoods.


Three Palestinian minors were detained during the predawn raid and transferred to the nearby detention and interrogation centre of Gush Etzion. They were identified as Muhyi Abu Maria, 18, Qusai Abu Hashim, 17, and ‘Amr ‘Arar, 15.


Forces interrogated Ziad ‘Awad after breaking into his house in Khallit al-‘Ayn neighborhood and confiscated his video camera, which he uses to document Israeli forces raids.


Two more Palestinians were detained during separate raids into Bani Na‘im and Yatta towns.


Forces raided Bani Na‘im, where they proceeded to detain a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house. The detainee was identified as Muhammad al-Hajjuj, 17.


During the raid, forces broke into the houses belonging to Tariq al-Natsha, Bayan al-‘Essili and Dania Irsheid al-Husseini, who were all shot dead by Israeli forces following alleged stabbing attempts in October, and took measurements for the houses in preparation for possible demolition.


This came a day after thousands of Palestinians attended the joint funeral procession of five Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces following alleged stabbing attempts over the last month in Hebron. Al-Natsha, 16, al-‘Essili, 16, al-Husseini, 17, were among the five who were laid to their rest.


Forces also detained Mahmoud al-‘Adra, 16, after breaking into and searching his house in Yatta, south of Hebron, while Israeli soldiers detained a young Palestinian woman after assaulting her in the vicinity of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Old City of Hebron. The detainee was identified as Tartil al-Takrouri, 18.


Meanwhile in Nablus city, Israeli forces detained five Palestinians during a predawn raid into the city.


Forces detained Ahmad Ja‘ara, Muhammad al-‘Azizi, ‘Izz Abu al-Kalbat, Muhammad Fattum and Ahmad al-Qani after breaking into and vandalizing their houses.


As they raided Ja‘ara’s house, forces seized the sum of INS 23,000 (about $6,000).


In the meantime in Bethlehem district, forces detained a Palestinian and summoned three others as they raided Beit Fajjar town, south of the city.


Forces detained Ibrahim Qawasma, 23, and handed Saleh Thawabta, 31, ‘Ala’ Sammur, 26, and his cousin, Na’el, 21, notices summoning them to appear before the Israeli intelligence.


Meanwhile, a Palestinian from the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir was detained by police Monday noon from the vicinity of Bab al-Khalil (Jaffa Gate) in the old city.


Israeli media reported that the man, 22, was detained allegedly for assaulting and injuring an Israeli tour guide in the area.

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