Palestinian baby reportedly dies after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli troops in the West Bank

31-10-2015 17:48

Source: The Independent


A Palestinian baby has reportedly died after inhaling tear gas that was fired by Israeli troops in order to calm clashes in the West Bank.


The baby was named as eight-month-old Ramadan Thawabteh by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

They said he died after tear gas which was fired at nearby stone throwers seeped into his home in Bethlehem.


A similar incident occurred earlier this month, when 54-year-old Hashem al-'Azza reportedly died as a result of severe tear gas inhalation in Hebron, also in the West Bank.


Tear gas is a non-lethal weapon designed to control rioting crowds, and causes severe eye and respiratory irritation.


However, without proper medical attention, those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma can be at risk of death when exposed.


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