Israel ‘may remove’ Arabs’ citizenship

27-10-2015 16:05

Source: Morning Star


Israel threatened yesterday to strip many Jerusalem Palestinians of their Israeli citizenship in a new escalation of the current unrest.


An unnamed Israeli official confirmed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered a review of the status of Palestinian neighbourhoods located outside of Israel’s West Bank separation barrier, commonly known as the apartheid wall.


Roughly one-third of the city’s Palestinian population, about 100,000 people, live outside the barrier.


The decision could potentially strip them of their Israeli residency rights.


Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan Husseini accused Mr Netanyahu of planning ethnic cleansing.


“If this desire by Netanyahu is translated into a decision, then this will be an act of ­ethnic cleansing because it targets one-third of the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem,” he said.


He revealed that Israeli officials had already been pressing Palestinians in attempts to reduce their numbers in the city.


“They demolish houses and don’t give permits for building. They besiege the Palestinian quarters in the city. All of this will only lead to more deterioration in the city,” said Mr Husseini.


Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem have experienced frequent clashes between stone-throwing youths and Israeli security forces.


“The separation barrier has fully cut off eight Palestinian neighbourhoods from the city,” co-existence campaign Ir Amim executive director Yudith Oppenheimer added.


“Netanyahu’s statement exploits the current emergency situation to further undermine Palestinian existence in East Jerusalem by threatening to expel an estimated 100,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites from the city.”


Of Israel’s 8.4 million inhabitants, 1.75 million are Arabs, as Palestinian citizens of Israel are referred to.


In another escalation of violence, Israeli troops shot a young Palestinian woman dead near the West Bank city of Hebron after she stabbed one of their number in the neck, a day after border police killed a 17-year-old girl in the same area.


Witnesses to Sunday’s shooting said that the girl had been unarmed and stepped backwards before police shot her eight times, first in the legs.

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