36,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria have arrived in Europe

27-10-2015 15:42

Source: MEMO


Some 36,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria have arrived in Europe during the last four years, Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah reported yesterday.


The paper said the Task Group for the Palestinian Refugees in Syria released a report on Sunday which showed that until July 2015 approximately 15,500 Palestinian refugees arrived in Jordan, 45,000 in Lebanon and 6,000 in Egypt.


The report also said that 69 refugees died outside Syria until September this year, including 15 in Egypt, 12 in Lebanon, 10 in Libya, eight in Greece, eight in Turkey, six in Malta, three in Palestine, three in Italy, one in Cyprus, one in Macedonia and one in Germany.


In addition, the report noted that the rate of Palestinian immigration from Syrian towards Europe has increased, mainly from Neirab refugee camp in Aleppo. It also noted that there are a large number of refugees in Turley who are waiting to head to Europe.


According to the report, the reason behind the increasing rate of migration is the oppressive measures taken against them by the Syrian regime and militants affiliating to them.


It added that the regime forces and militants affiliated to them have been preventing Palestinian refugees from returning to Al-Sabinah camp in Damascus for 706 days. Adding that some 80 per cent of the camp is partially destroyed.


Refugees fled the camp due to sever clashes between the regime forces and opposition ended with the regime gaining control of the camp.


The report noted that regime forces and the militant groups affiliating to the Palestinian Popular Front, the General Command, have besieged Yarmouk refugee camp for 846 days, leaving it with no electricity for 916 days and no water for 406 days.

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