Netanyahu rejects France’s calls for U.N observers at Al-Aqsa and Western Wall

20-10-2015 13:30

Source: PNN


Isareli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has opposed a request for international presence and observers at the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.


Quoted in Haa’retz yesterday he said there was “no mention of Palestinian incitement and Palestinian terrorism” in the draft U.N Security Council resolution.


Speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, he said: “There is no mention of Palestinian incitement and Palestinian terrorism.


 “We’ve already seen what happens in holy sites in the Middle East when extreme Muslims destroy each other’s mosques, Christian sites, heritage sites, Jewish sites.


He added: “Israel is not the problem; it’s the solution. We maintain the status quo. We are the only ones doing so and we will keep doing it in a responsible and serious manner.


“There hasn’t been any change in the status quo – except for an attempt by some people – organized by Islamic groups in Israel, as well as extremist elements – to place explosives in mosques and attack Jews from within the mosques.”


French newspaper “Le Figaro” had reported on Saturday that French diplomats wanted a presidential statement on behalf of the UN Security Council calling for international observers to be deployed to Jerusalem’s holy sites to maintain the status quo.

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