Russia holds Israel responsible for Jerusalem tension

20-10-2015 10:37

Source: MEMO


Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council Ambassador Vitaly Churkin called on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to submit the proposal related to granting international protection for Palestinians in occupied territories to the UN Security Council, Anadolu reported.


Churkin’s call came during his speech to the Security Council on Friday, when he declared Israel responsible for the on-going tension in East Jerusalem.


He said, “Abbas had sent a letter to the Secretary-General to place the Palestinian State under United Nations protection. The Secretariat had prepared a study in that regard, the results of which, we hope, the Secretary-General will convey to the Council.”


In addition he said, “Israel, as an occupying power, was obliged to address the situation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and respect humanitarian principles regarding people in the occupied territories.”


Meanwhile, French Representative François Delattre said, “France had prepared a draft statement, which it will submit to the Council, calling for calm and maintenance of the status quo for the yards of the Mosques.”


He also added, “A political horizon must be created, and the establishment of an international support group was relevant in the context. The Quartet had expanded to include key Arab actors.”

Delattre stressed on the importance to find a solution to the situation in the Palestinian occupied territories, “especially amid the rise of Da’esh.”


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