Hamas to form committee to tackle ‘deal of the century’

29-04-2019 12:03

Source: Middle East Monitor


Member of Hamas’ Political Bureau Salah Al-Bardaweel announced yesterday that his movement is working to form the Supreme National Committee Against the Deal of the Century, Al-Wattan Voice reported.


The committee, Al-Bardaweel explained, will include national, regional and international players.


“We are working to face the ‘deal of the century’ and we want to achieve a real national unity that respects all the Palestinians,” he said, pointing to the “successful joint work through the Return March and the joint operation room.”


The senior Hamas leader said that his movement is also working against normalisation, as well as reinforcing popular resistance, not only in Gaza, but also in the occupied West Bank.


“There are 50 friction points in the occupied West Bank,” he said. “We must invest the popular resistance in these.”


At the same time, he stressed the importance of partnership with Jordan and Lebanon regarding the deal of the century because both are endangered by it.


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