Palestine & Antisemitism

08-04-2019 13:51


An event designed to empower those who are passionate about palestine to be firm advocates for Palestinian Human Rights


About this Event

The leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has resulted in an unprecedented campaign, by pro-israel groups, that labels anyone who is critical of Israel as anti-semites.


This global antisemitism campaign has created fear amongst those who empathise with palestinian rights and has stifled legitimate pro-palestinian activism in the UK.


As a response to this, Professionals for Palestine & Europal welcome you to this one-day training session where you will learn more about this global antisemitism campaign, understand the politics behind it and develop a vocabulary that will enable you to become a firm advocate for Palestinian Human Rights.


Workshop will be delivered by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi & Steve Tiller from Jewish Voice for Labour.


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