Israeli police attack Palestinian prisoners in violent crackdown

22-01-2019 18:54

Source: MEMO


Armed Israeli police entered Ofer Prison on Monday morning and attacked Palestinian prisoners, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club has reported. More than 100 prisoners were wounded in the assault, with 20 being kept in hospital due to the severity of their injuries.


According to a formal statement from the Club, the police used rubber bullets, tear gas, sound bombs, cudgels and dogs in their attack on the “helpless” Palestinian prisoners. “We call on human rights institutions and the Red Cross to intervene in order to stop the Israeli escalation and such brutal attacks on the Palestinian prisoners held in Ofer Prison,” it added.


The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, condemned yet another Israeli violation of the basic rights of prisoners. “Hundreds” of prisoners have been hurt in such attacks, claimed the movement on its website.


“This atrocious act reflects Israel’s criminal demeanour and exposes its leaders’ false claims that they stick to human rights principles,” explained Hamas. “The Ofer attack is a continuation of Israel’s violent polices implemented against the Palestinian people and makes it even more necessary to secure the release of all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.”

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