Israel demolished 46 Palestinian houses last month

03-10-2015 11:34

Source: MEMO


Over the course of the month of September, Israeli authorities successfully demolished 46 Palestinian house and other facilities in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, Anadolureported the PLO commission saying on Wednesday.


In a report, the PLO-affiliated Anti-Separation Wall Commission said: “The Israeli army demolished 46 houses and industrial and agricultural facilities –17 houses and six shops in Jerusalem, and 15 shops, five houses, three barracks and a planting facility in several cities across the West Bank.”


The report added: “The Israeli army also handed over 60 demolition orders across the West Bank informing people that their houses are on the waiting list.”


Meanwhile, the report said: “Israeli announced the construction of more than 494 new settlement units across the West Bank.”

In addition, the report mentioned that 151 Palestinian citizens were wounded by rubber and live bullets fired by the Israeli army during anti-Separation Wall protests in West Bank and Jerusalem.


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