From Balfour to Banksy

01-05-2018 18:00

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21 Effra Parade


From Balfour to Banksy: Divisions and Visions in Palestine


A documentary film by Martin Buckley. Producer, Miranda Pinch.


100 years ago Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour set in motion the vision of Israel… ​His ‘Balfour Declaration’ had another, disastrous impact: the dispossession of the Palestinian people.


This film looks at other visions — including a wide range of views from occupied Palestine today, ranging from anger to attempts at envisioning a future. It also shows the vision of another Englishman: the contemporary artist Banksy, who has created in Palestine a hotel that is also a remarkable satirical art installation.


How do today’s Palestinians live, behind the ‘security wall’? What change must come?


Special showing in Brixton followed by Q&A with the film makers. Free entry but collection to support the film and Medical Aid for Palestinians. 1 ticket per named individual.


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