Tenders issued for 300 new Israel settlement housing units

29-03-2018 14:31

Source: MEMO


Israeli authorities issued construction tenders yesterday for 296 new housing units for Beit El, an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.


Beit El Council Head Shai Alon said in response to the issuing of the tenders that “this is a historic event for Beit El”, reported pro-settler media outlet Arutz Sheva.


“I congratulate the residents of Beit El on this auspicious news on the eve of Passover, with God’s help, within a few months, we will begin to develop the area and build the residential buildings,” he added.


Beit El is a major Israeli settlement located near Ramallah, and in close proximity to Al-Jalazun refugee camp.


All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

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