Palestinian Communities’ Union in Europe to hold meeting on Jerusalem and settlements

22-01-2018 13:45

Source: PNN

As part of its efforts to expose the practices of the occupation in Europe, The Palestinian Communities’ Union in Europe is preparing to hold a meeting on Jerusalem and the Israeli settlements in the  West Bank.


Head of the union in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, Mazen Al-Ramahi, told PNN reporter that the meeting, which will be held at the union headquarters  26th of this month, will include more than 48 communities in Europe, in order to develop a strategy to preserve the Arab status of Jerusalem,  after Trump recognized it the capital of Israel.


Al-Ramahi explained that union will form new mechanisms to confront the Trump declaration, especially in the European arena, due to its importance and positions in support of the Palestinian issue.


Al-Ramahi stressed that all the recommendations and prominent activities that will be carried out by the Communities’ Union will be implemented at a collective level in Europe and raised to the Palestinian leadership.


Conference in Brussels to discuss settlements


On the other hand, Ramhi said an important conference will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels with the participation of European parliamentarians, in addition to Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, on February 28 to discuss the settlement file.


Al-Ramahi said that the conference will be held to hear the Palestinian point of view regarding the settlements and its repercussions on the ground and the resulting effects.


The conference will also include founders of the BDS movement.

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