Jerusalem solidarity protests continue in UK cities

25-12-2017 12:31

Source: MEMO


Protests against the Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem have continued for the third week running in cities across Britain with no sign of abating. On Saturday, hundreds of protesters rallied in Birmingham in response to calls from the Palestine Forum in Britain (PFB), the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Birmingham Council of Mosques.


Representatives from a number of civil society organisations addressed the rally, all emphasising their rejection of the US president’s claim and support for Palestinian rights.


PFB Chair Hafez Al-Karmi said the purpose of the rally was “to re-emphasise our opposition to Trump’s decision and show solidarity with our people in Palestine to ensure it is never enforced.”


Adnan Hmidan, head of media at the PFB said “Jerusalem remains the symbol of the unity as witnessed in the protests in which Arabs and non-Arabs, as well as Muslims and non-Muslims, stood hand in hand” against the illegal Trump declaration.


Since the protests erupted in Palestine, hundreds of Palestinians were detained without any charge by the Israeli occupation forces. Several speakers at the Birmingham rally called for their immediate and unconditional release.

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