Corbyn: Arrested Palestinian teen ‘should not be in prison’

21-12-2017 20:52

Source: MEMO


UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi “should not be in prison”, after she was detained by Israel for forcing Israeli soldiers off her land.


In a video posted by journalist Clayton Swisher yesterday, Corbyn is asked about Tamimi’s case by Swisher’s six-year-old daughter.


“This girl has been arrested; she shouldn’t be in prison because children should never be in prison. And if people are standing up for their rights, then they should be allowed to do that,” Corbyn says.


“I think what you’re saying is, we’ve got to send a message of support to her, and say to the authorities: Please, no more imprisonment of children. Let them go free, let them be children,” he concludes.


Corbyn, a veteran supporter of the Palestinian cause, has repeatedly emphasised the human rights violations taking place in the occupied territories, stressing the need for international action.


Last month he used the centenary of the Balfour Declaration to reiterate the need to “increasing international pressure” to end Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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