Israel continues arresting Palestinian minors in IOF daily attacks

13-11-2017 15:34

Source: PNN


Israeli occupation forces IOF arrested 14 Palestinians continuing their daily night raids.They claimed that they confiscated weapons including an M16 rifle.


In Jenin IOF arrested Islamic Jihad leader Tareq Qa’adan as part of Israel threat attempts to the Islamic Jihad Movement


Occupation Forces raided a number of houses in al-Azzeh refugee camp in the north of Bethlehem. They also distributed notes threatening Palestinians in Tuqu’ town east of Bethlehem. They detained two young Palestinians aged 20 and 18 years from the town after storming into their homes and  searching them. The force also raided the town’s mayor house and left notices warning Palestinians of making their life like hell if stones are thrown at Israeli settlers cars passing by their town.


According to WAFA News Agency, Israeli forces detained three minors and two men from Hebron city, in addition to a 51-year-old man and another 21-year-old from the town of Yatta, south of Hebron. Another Yatta resident was detained at an army checkpoint.


A large army force raided Beit Umar town north of Hebron and searched homes where it also detained a 19-year-old Palestinian.


In nearby Walajeh, east of Bethlehem, forces detained a 17-year-old minor after raiding and searching his family home.

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