MPs call on UK to recognise Palestine to fulfil Balfour’s pledge

03-11-2017 18:38

Source: MEMO


Some 37 UK Members of Parliament have demanded the Government face its “historic responsibility” and “uphold the second commitment” in the Balfour Declaration by recognising the State of Palestine.


In a letter which was hand delivered to 10 Downing Street yesterday, the centenary of the declaration, the MPs highlighted the declaration’s promise that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice  the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.


One hundred years later that commitment remains unfulfilled. The people of Palestine continue to be denied access to basic rights, in contradiction of international law


they added.


“The continued denial of rights to the Palestinians remains one of the key causes of a conflict which has claimed thousands of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives,” the officials said.


Chair of the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, Grahame Morris, signed the letter along with 36 other MPs including Alex Cunningham, Richard Burden and Andy Slaughter.


“The UK Government should therefore recognise the State of Palestine alongside Israel as called for by the House of Commons on 13th October 2014, and press for an end to the occupation and for international law to be upheld in the search for a just and lasting peace.”


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