Sheikh Salah: I will always be loyal to Palestinian constants

05-10-2017 19:18

Source: Palestine Information Centre


Sheikh Raed Salah, Head of the Islamic Movement in 1948 Occupied Palestine, said from Israeli jail that he will remain loyal to the Islamic and Palestinian constants despite hard detention conditions. 


Lawyer Khaled Zabarqa who visited Sheikh Salah in Ramon desert jail in the Negev on Tuesday, said that Salah is in good health despite being held under tough detention conditions in solitary confinement cells. Israeli Prison Service does not allow him to see anybody and has not brought him the books he asked for yet, which makes detention conditions even worse, he said to his lawyer. 


Sheikh Salah hailed all those who support him and asserted that the charges brought against him were fabricated and that was very obvious during the last court hearing held on September 27. 


Sheikh Salah has been detained after charging him with incitement to terrorism and affiliation to the Israeli-banned Islamic Movement.

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