Trump calls Netanyahu the “bigger problem” in the Peace Process

04-10-2017 15:42

Source: Palestine News Network


US President Donald Trump told the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, during their last meeting that Israeli PM, Netanyahu, proves to be more difficult than Palestinian President, Abbas, in the efforts for the peace process.


Trump told Guterres that he was optimistic about achieving a peace deal, he said “Netanyahu knows he’ll never have a more understanding president and Abbas needs a legacy to leave behind” and therefore there’s a chance that he’ll agree to steps he hasn’t agreed to in the past, while Netanyahu is the one who is difficult to convince in everything related to the peace process with Palestinians.


Trump explained that both Netanyahu and Abbas are problematic, but Netanyahu is the “bigger problem”, according to a western diplomat.


A White House official said Trump felt that both Netanyahu and Abbas really wanted peace and that Trump was optimistic that a peace deal could be reached between the two sides, stressing that the Americans are putting their full efforts to make serious negotiations and improvements.


On his side Guterres encouraged Trump to continue pushing for Israeli-Palestinian peace and stressed that he, too, thinks there’s an opportunity to reach a historic deal.

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