A British Jewish activist : Britain is responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Labour Party has no problem whatsoever with Jews

28-09-2017 13:52

Source: EuroPal Forum

Speaking at the Labour party annual conference 2017 in Brighton, a leading Jewish anti-Zionist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi from the Jewish Labour Movement criticised how oppression and discrimination are so rampant in today’s world. She highlighted key anniversaries relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
Balfour Declaration: 100 Years, Catastrophic Nakba: 70 Years, Israeli occupation: 50 Years, Illegal Gaza blockade: 10 Years.
Naomi referred to the Balfour Declaration which was signed on November 2, 1917 where Lord Balfour promised British support for the Zionist programme of establishing a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. Balfour, on behalf of Britain, promised Palestine – over which Britain had no legal right – to people who did not even live there (of the very small community of Palestinian Jews in Palestine in 1917, very few were Zionists). She branded that as the “British Responsibility”.
It was also the start of a process which has rendered Palestinians stateless, living under occupation in their own land, in refugee camps, or scattered throughout the world in which the worlds longest running refugee camp per population has been created.
Naomi stressed on the fact that the Labour Party has no problem whatsoever with Jews and pointed out Labour as an anti-racist, internationalist party following the false accusations relating to anti-semitism.

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