The Freedom Flotilla Coalition provides logistics and equipment to fishermen in Gaza, and preparing to sail once again to break the siege

27-09-2017 10:36

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The FFC, an international coalition which includes NGOs demanding an end to the illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza, recently sent fishing equipment to Palestinian fishermen in Gaza. 
In cooperation with several Palestinian and international organisations, the FFC has responded to the increasingly desperate plight of fishermen in Gaza, who are unable to provide food for their families due to restrictions on fishing imposed on them by the Israeli occupation.
According to the FFC statement received yesterday (25th September), aid equipment included fishing nets, fishing suits and marine boat lights, which were distributed amongst 200 fishermen at the ports of Gaza and Deir Al Balah.
The FFC stated that its primary goals are political rather than humanitarian. It also acknowledges the dire circumstances of over two million Palestinians living in Gaza, and the importance of supporting the fishermen and their efforts to feed their communities and provide for their families. The current campaign focuses on expressing solidarity with Gazan fishermen and working to spread stories of their suffering to the world.
The coalition also announced that it’s planning to sail again to break the "destructive and criminal" siege on Gaza, and stated that further updates on the flotilla would be posted on their website, as well as through their social media platforms.
Zaher Birawi, the chairman of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza (ICBSG) and a founding member of the FFC, said: "The International Committee for Breaking the Siege in Gaza will contribute comprehensively to break the blockade, whether through sea or land, as well as any project that supports the freedom of the Gazans in their homeland. The committee will also do all it can to raise awareness of the continued suffering due to the illegal and immoral blockade that has been imposed on Gaza for eleven years now." Birawi stressed that international popular efforts will not halt until the siege is broken and Israeli occupation comes to an end.

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