Raed Salah: Israeli jailers tying up my hands and feet

24-09-2017 12:54

Source: Palestine Information Centre


Head of the Islamic Movement in 1948 Occupied Palestine, Sheikh Raed Saleh said the Israeli jailers have kept his hands and feet manacled.


Speaking shortly after a court hearing, Salah said the Israeli jailers chained up his hands and feet and used another manacle to tie up the two chains.


“I had been cuffed with three chains from Ramon jail to al-Jalama. I felt that my hands were going to be broken,” said Salah.


Sheikh Salah has been sent to Israeli jails on charges of inciting to violence, in reference to his anti-occupation activism.


Sometime earlier, Sheikh Salah, arrested on August 15, has sounded distress signals from behind Israeli prison bars, saying he has been made to endure dire conditions of captivity.

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