Israel digs tunnel on Gaza’s eastern border as obstacle to Hamas

09-09-2017 16:49

Source: Palestine News Network


Israel is building a concrete tunnel under the eastern border of Gaza as an obstacle to any tunnels across the border that Hamas might build, local sources have reported.


The local residents said that the Israelis have completed drilling operations in the central region of the Gaza Strip which extends from the area of Juhr Al-Dik in the north to the southern city of Deir Al-Balah.


They pointed out that the work is carried out alongside the separation barrier and involves dozens of workers.


According to the sources, the Israeli army has deployed hundreds of troops, including snipers, to protect the workers.


The $500 million strategic project will stretch for 64 kilometres to the south of the Gaza Strip.


Hamas used tunnels during the summer 2014 Israeli military offensive on Gaza to carry out a series of counterattacks against targets inside Israel.

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