Delegation from Jerusalem to visit London and Belfast

08-09-2017 10:23

Source: EuroPal Forum

A delegation from Jerusalem is set to visit London and Belfast to raise concerns about the Palestinians suffering.
London - EuroPal Forum is leading a delegation from Jerusalem to the UK which will take place between the 11th and the 15th of September 2017. The delegation will include several community leaders among them are Human Rights Activists, NGOs’ Representatives and a Catholic Christian figure from Jerusalem.
The delegation is set to meet with a number of Parliamentarians and Lords from several parties in the House of Commons, as well as a number of politicians from the Irish parties. Also, they will meet up with several NGOs representatives, solidarity groups, and religious Christian leaders in London, and Belfast.
Additionally, the delegation will organise two seminars aimed at the British public in which Pro-Palestine activists; as well members of the Arab, Muslim and Palestinian communities have been invited.
Zaher Birawi, chairman of EuroPal Forum, stressed the importance of such initiatives to crystallise the reality of the suffering that Palestinians endure under occupation. This came in line with the dangerous recent escalations against Palestinians in Jerusalem and extra “security” measures imposed such as metal detectors’ installation outside Muslim's third holiest site which was ceased by the immense efforts of the Palestinian protestors. 
Birawi stressed that delegates can play an essential role in conveying the reality witnessed on the ground to other parliamentarians and decision makers in the West. This is a step forward towards ending the suffering of Palestinians, which has been ongoing for the past seven decades.

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