Detained minors deprived of right to education in Israeli jails

24-08-2017 10:39

Source: Palestine Information Centre


The Palestinian Prisoner Society said that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have deprived 300 Palestinian minors, including 10 girls, of their right to education in Israeli jails. 

In a statement on Wednesday, the Society added that the IOA arrested 800 juveniles mostly from Occupied Jerusalem. Many of them were released later on under the condition of house arrest, which also kept them away from their schools. 


Besides deprivation of education for different periods of time; being subjected to torture, abuse and stress during detention terms affected the academic achievement of the Palestinian children who experienced detention even after being released. Some of them were shot by Israeli gunfire during their arrest leading to permanent disabilities. 


According to the statement, the detained juveniles were subjected to a series of violations including torture, shooting by live bullets and holding them for long time without food or drink, subjecting them to severe beating, cursing, threatening and taking confessions from them under threats and pressure.  


The Society also highlighted that depriving imprisoned children of their right to education runs contrary to many of international laws related to the regulations of the treatment of prisoners. 


It also reiterated its appeal to human rights organizations especially the UNICEF calling on them to exert more efforts in order to protect Palestinian children.

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