Israeli occupation violates sanctity of dead bodies at J'lem cemetery

21-08-2017 14:44

Source: Palestine Information Centre


Israeli bulldozers attempted to demolish parts of al-Yousfiya Cemetery, adjacent to Jerusalem’s historical wall.


Head of the committee in charge of Jerusalem’s Islamic Cemeteries, Mustafa Abu Zahra, said an Israeli municipality bulldozer attempted to knock down the western wall of al-Yousfiya Cemetery.


Abu Zahra added that the committee stopped the demolition process, which the occupation authorities said was initiated to construct parks for Israeli settlers and terraces overlooking al-Zaytoun Mount (east of Occupied Jerusalem).


Material damage was reportedly wrought by the Israeli bulldozers in the vicinity of the cemetery.


Last month, Israeli municipal crews carried out excavation works at the targeted cemetery in an attempt to establish a public garden, in violation of the sanctity of dead bodies.

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