Based on the UN report: Israel increased demolition and displacement

22-08-2015 14:08



On Friday, The United Nations announced that this week alone the Israeli authorities demolished at least 63 houses and destroyed infrastructure in the occupied West Bank. This resulted in the displacement of 132 Palestinians-including 82 children. This is the highest record in three years.


The United Nations has made clear that, since the beginning of the year, the occupation authorities demolished at least 356 buildings.  Eighty one of these buildings are actually funded by international aid in the region "c" -which is subject to Israeli military control.  The region “C” – where Palestinians are denied permission to build- constitutes 60% of the area (that is the area of West Bank)

Robert Piper- coordinator of the humanitarian activities of the United Nations in the occupied territories- declared that these demolitions took place simultaneously with the expansion of settlements. He added that the plan is to establish thousands of Israeli homes in the  surrounding area of Jerusalem. It also consists of relocating Palestinian thus, gradually eliminating their presence of anywhere near the settlement projects.


Piper explained that under the pretext of guaranteeing them better life conditions, Israel  means to displace seven thousand Bedouin residents of these areas to the east of the Jordan Valley.  However, the United Nations and human rights defenders see this scheme as a "forcible relocation".


According to the United Nations and the European Union, on Monday, Israel demolished houses, tents and temporary shelters- home to 78 Palestinians, including 49 children.  Occurring in a twenty-four-hour interval, this is a new record outweighing the one set back at the end of 2012. Some of the infrastructure destroyed by Israel was funded by the European Union.


Felipe Sanchez-the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)- sheds light on the fact that some of these Palestinian families have been displaced four times in the last four years.


Source: www.english.palinfo.com

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