Germany and France call for stronger EU policy on migrant crisis

21-08-2015 14:57



Germany and France are urging for policy change at EU level to address the migrant crisis in Europe.


Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere said on Thursday that European institutions need to be doing more.


“We are not questioning Schengen, we are working on keeping Schengen. And one of the prerequisites is that a lot of things in Europe have to change,” de Maiziere said at a joint news conference in Berlin with French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.


“The rules are not the problem. The problem comes when those roles are not applied,” said Cazeneuve.


Many of the tens of thousands of migrants arriving in Europe every week are fleeing war and oppression in their home countries, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are set to meet on Monday to discuss how to address the needs of those seeking asylum.


At least nine migrants, including women and children, were the latest to die when the boat carrying them and about 40 Palestinians from Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria capsized en route to Turkey Wednesday.


The ongoing events in Syria pushed hundreds of Palestinian refugees to make the perilous journey to Turkey and Europe by illegal means, leading to the drowning of hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.


Source: EuroNews

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