Israel, an Apartheid State in the Middle East

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“This is what has become of the rule of law. Two sets of books. One for Us,  and one to throw at them. Apartheid. ”  Bradley Burston



After terrorists firebombed a West Bank Palestinian home- exterminating a family, murdering an 18-month-old boy and his father- and having the Israeli government rule the family ineligible for financial support, it is getting harder to turn a blind eye to facts.


The passage of a bill holding stone-throwers liable to up to 20 years in prison is yet another instance in case. Though the law didn’t specify that it targeted Palestinians, it is evidently the case. This became crystal clear when Pro-settlement Jews hurled rocks, furniture, ect. at Israeli soldiers and police at a West Bank settlement, just a week after the bill was passed. As a response, Benjamin Netanyahu hurried to reward the Jewish stone-throwers pledging to build hundreds of new settlement homes.


In Jews for Justice for Palestinians Burton expressed his disappointment with regard to the prime minister’s failure to stick to moral and democratic limits, ‘to how low the prime minister was willing to go.’ This is echoed in his appointment of Danny Danon.  Putting such a man as the Israel representative at the UN, a man:  who didn’t mind to create Bantustans for Palestinians who would live there stateless, deprived of basic human rights;Who is the same politician that aimed at crippling left-leaning NGOs which come to the aid of Palestinian civilians and oppose the institution of occupation.  Burston further explained


What does Apartheid mean?

Apartheid means Avi Dichter calling for separate, segregated roads and highways for Jews and Arabs in the West Bank.It means hundreds of attacks by settlers targeting Palestinian property, livelihoods, and lives, without convictions, charges, or even suspects. Apartheid means uncounted Palestinians jailed without trial, shot dead without trial, shot dead in the back while fleeing and without just cause.


Late last month Israel enacted the government’s “Law to Prevent Harm Caused by Hunger Strikes.” The law allows force-feeding of prisoners, even if the prisoner refuses, if the striker’s life is deemed in danger. Gilad Erdan- Netanyahu’s Public Security Minister has called hunger strikes by Palestinian security prisoners “a new type of suicide terrorist attack through which they will threaten the State of Israel”.


Bradley referred to the Jews ‘experience Years ago, in apartheid South Africa- who ‘took courageous roles in defeating with non-violence a regime of racism and denial of human rights.’ He calls Israel to follow their example.



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