Calls to release youngest Palestinian child detainee in Israeli jails

05-06-2017 21:53

Source: Alray


The Media office of Palestinian Detainees calls for the immediate release of child girl Malak al-Ghaleeth,14, from Jalazoon camp. 

Malak al-Ghaleeth,14, was arrested in 28th May 2017 at qalandia military checkpoint northern Occupied Jerusalem. They cabled her hands back, and subjected to humiliating and provocative searches , claiming that she was attempting to stab Israeli soldiers. 

They held her in an iron room at the Container checkpoint , where she is held for several hours in harsh conditions. They insulted her while they interrogated her for more than 4 hours , and then transferred her to Hasharon Prison.

Al-Ghaleeth ,14, is considered the youngest detainee inside Israeli detention centers. Her family rejected the Israeli occupation claims that she was attempting to stab Israeli soldiers.


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